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Customer Support

Customer Support Engineers look after the installations, breakdown calls, scheduled preventive maintenance & other exigency needs like Eradication of Virus, Installation and Up-gradation of Software. Our engineers have been well trained in Installation and Maintenance of LAN & WAN Networking.
In-house Engineers for debugging, repair & testing of populated PCBs and peripherals. Our engineers are well equipped with all necessary component level diagnostic tools, which include a large collection of manuals, circuit diagrams & a high level inventory of spares.
Quality Control Engineers test the product thoroughly and ensure that it is ready for flawless installation.

Help Desk Management
• Telephonic support to end user calls.
• Logging of end user calls and tracking them till their satisfactory resolution.
• Onsite support to end-user whenever required and resolve the problem to user satisfaction.
• Handing over hardware calls to vendors and tracking their resolution as per agreed service levels.
• Escalating pending calls and report defaulting vendors not adhering to the agreed service levels.
Asset Management
• Monitoring and updating Desktop Asset Database.
• Movement Tracking of Desktop Assets.
• Maintaining Warranty and AMC Database.
• Maintaining Software Licenses Purchased and Allocation Database.
• Preparing Desktop asset Database of IT Assets.
Desktop Management
• Post Installation acceptance testing.
• Configuring Desktops for Desired Usage.
• Installation and restoration of standard desktop settings.
• Installation/configuration of client software on Desktop (Outlook, SQL Client, Office Applications etc.)
• Co-ordination of hardware and software installation.
Vendor Management
• Co-ordination with third party vendors for AMC and Warranty Support.
• Follow-up with vendors for resolution of hardware and software problems.
• Tracking inventory of parts issued to vendors for repairs and replacements.
• Ensure compliance with the agreed service level by vendors.
• Vendor Service Level Agreement performance report.
Server Management
• Managing Server Resources ( Disk space , volumes , groups, user access).
• Managing Print Queues.
• Purging of temporary Files, logs and cores.
• Virus prevention , detection and cure.
• Data backup and restoration on request.
• Creating, modifying, deleting groups and user accounts.
• Controlling user rights.
• Maintaining data and access security.
• Customizing login scripts.
E-Mail Management
• Administering Mail servers and services.
• Creation, Deletion, Movement of Mail Boxes.
• Monitoring Mail Queues.
• Backup and restoration on request of mail server, mailboxes.
Backup Media Management
• Maintain Consistent set of Data Sets ONSITE and OFFSITE as per backup policy.
• Periodic Verifying back up data integrity.
• Media requirement projection.
The mission-critical nature of today's applications makes network performance crucial for business success, whereas at the same time, your Local Area Network/ Wide Area Network must be able to adapt to changes. Our expertise in this field has given us the confidence to implement solutions to suit the specific requirements of our clients.

We set-up Local Area and Wide Area Networks and implement Security Solutions to prevent intruders, hackers and other mischievous elements. Our Engineers are trained in Layer 2, Layer3 and Layer 4 Solutions with Network Management Software. As Network Integrators, we are brand independent, Our expertise is with products from Cisco, Nortel, 3COM and DAX. We provide Structured Cabling Solutions for Voice and Data using CAT-5 / CAT-6 copper and Fiber both Single Mode and Multi Mode. Our Engineers are trained in most leading brands like Tyco, Avvya , Molex, DLInk, DAX, and Panduit.
Total print solutions, so as to undertake all aspects of printer management ensuring that customer is free from all printer related worries.
• One stop shop for all printer requirements.
• Cost reduction by more than 30%.
• Separate AMC not required as solution also covers support and spares including fuser assembly.
• No need to manage relations with multiple retailers for consumables, service and fault corrections.
• Short downtime on account of proactive support.
• Customer is charged based on cost per copy.
• No hidden extra cost.
• Eliminate inventory management of spares and consumables.